Our Beginning

Once Upon a Time...

Laura M. Cummins started Nine Dotz Consulting after helping quite a few small businesses upgrade and improve their marketing when social media first hit the scene back in 2008. Besides teaching people how to embrace and navigate this necessary marketing tool, she also began to launch and manage social media sites for small business owners since their time was very limited. Due to her creative mindset and intuitive nature, she has helped many businesses establish or strengthen their brand and overall approach to marketing.

Whether you need help with developing your social media, gaining media exposure, launching a new product or service, or improving sales – Nine Dotz is dedicated to creating well-connected strategies that will get your business noticed. 

Laura has had the chance to work with some amazing leaders in the health, hospitality and spa industries over the course of her career--and has observed many of them combine the art and science of traditional hospitality practices with modern day business. This winning combination has helped her succeed in an ever-changing global market, plus has provided Laura with the opportunity to teach others on how to apply this distinctive technique so they may also survive and thrive in today’s competitive business world. 

Laura M. Cummins
Laura M. Cummins

A Little Magic


When Laura was researching a name for her business, she discovered that one of her favorite entrepreneurs utilized a puzzle with his staff to help them stimulate their creativity and think outside of the box. The key of the puzzle was to challenge an individual's intellect by having them place nine dots on a paper, and with a pencil, join all of them together with four straight lines without lifting the pencil off the paper. Talk about connecting the dots! Who is this entrepreneur? Well, let's just say he created a little magic during his lifetime that we still enjoy to this day.