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We are dedicated to creating well connected ideas & strategies that get your small business noticed. 

Research Shows...

73% of consumers are likely to buy from a brand that responds to them on social media. Social media is more than posting content--it is also an opportunity for small businesses to interact with customers and build relationships. - Hubspot  

65% of brands say that their event and experiential programs are directly related to sales. 79% of brands say they will execute more event and experiential programs this year compared to last. Events are another way to build brand awareness, network, and enhance sales. - eventmarketer.com  

One in four small businesses have a zero social media presence. Up to half of small businesses online don't actively use their social media sites. Lack of time and access to necessary resources tend to be key issues. - Clutch

Don't get left behind! Let us create solid ideas and strategies that will get your small business noticed!

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Give Back Time

So you can run your small business with grace and style

Provide Necessary Resources

That keep your small business up-to-date with the latest cutting-edge information

Build Brand Awareness

To help your small business shine, grow, and most importantly, prosper

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Our Beginning

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Once Upon a Time...

Laura M. Cummins started Nine Dotz Consulting after helping quite a few small businesses upgrade and improve their marketing when social media first hit the scene back in 2008. Besides teaching people how to embrace and navigate this new tool, she also began to launch and manage sites for small business owners since their time and resources were very limited. Due to her creative mindset and intuitive nature, she has helped many businesses establish or strengthen their brand and overall approach to marketing.

 Whether you need help with developing your social media, gaining media exposure, creating email newsletters and invites, launching a new product or service, or improving retail sales – Nine Dotz is dedicated to creating well connected ideas and strategies that will get your business noticed. 

Chief Creative Officer

 Laura M. Cummins

At an early stage of her career, Laura was very fortunate enough to discover the importance of going above and beyond customer expectations by consistently offering extraordinary service. After working for two international companies as a senior executive, she developed a true understanding to always customize services based on the unique needs of the individual or company.

Laura has had the chance to work with some amazing leaders in the health, hospitality and spa industries over the course of her career--and has observed many of them combine the art and science of traditional hospitality practices with modern day business. This winning combination has helped her succeed in an ever-changing global market, plus has provided Laura with the opportunity to teach others on how to apply this distinctive technique so they may also survive and thrive in today’s competitive business world. 

A Little Magic

When Laura was researching a name for her business, she discovered that one of her favorite entrepreneurs utilized a puzzle with his staff to help them stimulate their creativity and think outside of the box. The key of the puzzle was to challenge an individual's intellect by having them place nine dots on a paper, and with a pencil, join all of them together with four straight lines without lifting the pencil off the paper. Talk about connecting the dots! Who is this entrepreneur? Well, let's just say he created a little magic during his lifetime that we still enjoy to this day. 


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Pam Wenzel- Author & Activist

"Laura, just a quick post to share with everyone how amazing and brilliant your social media skills are! Every week you increase the volume to my website! Love how you say, and I am quoting you here, "the proof is in the pudding". Thank you, Laura!"

Jami Appenzeller - Owner and Publisher of PHILLYFit Magazine

"Working with Laura has been what I consider my company's "best kept secret" so far... in ten years of publishing. If anyone really knew how I manage to stay on top of everything involved with social media marketing, I might blow my cover as being known as Superwoman! In all honesty, she is a blessing to have on my team, and completes tasks thoroughly and completely. I feel so spoiled!"

Jen McElroy - Master Esthetician and Owner of Brows by JenMc

"Nine Dotz being a media liaison for my business has equated to article features and increased traffic to my blog and social media sites. It is so thrilling to see your name in print! Thank you, Laura!"

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